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Comparative Politics/Policy/Political Economy:
International Political Economy; Public Policy;
Public Administration: Regulation;
Comparative Methods,


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Comparative Methods; Political Economy; International Political Economy;
European Union; Information Policy; Regulation

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I am currently at the Department of Political Science and The Federmann School of Public Policy & Government, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My new Email address is levifaur @ I have a new homepage

I am co-editor and co-founder of a new Journal peer reviewed, international and interdisciplinary journal called Reuglation & Governnace. My other outsanding partners in this entrprise are John Braithwaite (ANU, Australia) and Cary Coglianese (Penn, USA). I am working on research on the rise of the Regulatory Capitalism and its global diffusion as well as on Variations in Regulatory Capitalism. My co-edited special issue (with Jacint Jordana) of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Scienceswas published in March 2005. My special issue on "Varieties of Regulatory Capitalism" was published by Governance in May 2006. I am also a co-chair of the ECPR standing group on regulatory governance (with Jacint Jordana).




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Comparative Methods;

Communications Policy in the Information Age;

Regulation, The Regulatory State and Regulatory Capitalism;

Political Economy: National, Comparative, International:

Public Management in the Information Age: